Florence Igboayaka

Hi there, I'm Florence.

I help people unleash their potentials through books and become indie authors.

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Meet The Book Coach

I have been helping people discover their inner abilities and become the best versions of themselves for over a decade now.

I started the unleash your potential vision board conference in 2017 to help people jump start their year correctly by setting goals and crushing them. The success stories are indeed heart-warming.

Through my book coaching programme, I have impacted hundreds of people, including new authors.

Oh! Did I mention that I am a bestselling author and I help people become bestsellers too through my book ‘Write That Book Already! and my online course ‘30 Day Book Writing Challenge’?

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What people are saying

Uchenna Opara Author

The 30 Day Book Writing Challenge is just phenomenal. First being a busy mom, home-schooling kids during the lockdown and working full time at the hospital, I never knew it was possible to write my book in 30 days. This challenge not only helped me complete my book but I became a bestselling author. I am so pumped.

Chef Jibs Chef

The 30 day book writing challenge is life transforming. First helping me narrow down a topic, and the whole process is so easy to understand and follow. As a busy chef, I didn't know it was possible to finish my book in 30 days. Thank you Florence.

Solomon I Recording Artist

Incredible. I am a songwriter, recording artist and an engineer. I always had a passion for writing songs and I wanted to help more people write songs. The 30 day challenge was just incredible. It helps me become an author and now my book is a bestseller and blessings lives globally. I have also started a song writing hub. Thanks Florence for this challenge.

Eloho Efemuai Radio Host

I love the approach that Florence uses. I have wanted to write my story for so long but being a busy radio host (among other responsibilities) I did not know how to go about writing my book. However, when I encounter Florence and this challenge, my book writing dreams became a reality. I am also a bestseller. Thank you Florence.

Peace George Author

With Coach Florence, it wasn't just about writing a book. Every page had to have a lesson. In one of her sessions she said "it's not just about writing a story". I understood I had to touch my reader's heart. I want to thank Coach Florence for ACCESS, CLARITY, COMMUNICATION and COMMITMENT. She was there every step of the way. I remember texting her at 2AM asking so many questions and getting a reply. She will keep you accountable till you achieve your goals.. Coach Flo is Phenomenal and I highly recommend her.

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